Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some very good news

At work we’re currently going through a reorganisation. Because of this we all had to fill in a form a little while ago about which jobs we would be interested in. A lot of jobs are moving from Eindhoven to other cities in the south, so there were a lot of people who showed their interest in the job I currently hold, because they didn’t want to go and work somewhere else. We were told before hand that workers with a fixed contract would have precedence over workers with a contract on a temporary basis and those above temporary workers. As I only have a contract on a temporary basis I was very much afraid I would have to give up my job for a fixed worker and would have to leave after my contract expires. Yesterday everyone was informed by my boss about their new job and location. As I have a week off from work at the moment we agreed he would call me at home…

My boss was very clear about the fact that they really should have given the job to someone with a fixed contract, but because I had shown my qualities and capabilities in the past and because they have absolute faith in me for the future they had decided to give me the job instead! And if that wasn’t enough I’m going up one income level ánd when my contract ends in September they’ll be giving me an additional contract for one year! WOEI!

You can imagine I’m feeling quite lucky right now. But I must say I enforced this luck for a great part. It’s wonderful to hear that my bosses actually see my hard work, initiative, competence and future possibilities and have enough faith in me to push for me to get the job with their bosses. Wiieeeee, I’m happy and relieved! It’s unbelievable how much I’ve achieved already in less than one year. Who knows what the future might hold! :)


Blogger Freeke said...

Dat is echt fantastisch. Welgefeliciteerd. Wees maar flink trots op jezelf, want zoiets zou niet veel mensen lukken.

20/7/06 15:30  
Blogger Juhani Zimarin said...

Wow, wat super!!! Gefeliciteerd, dit heb je dubbel en dwars verdiend ^_^

20/7/06 21:56  
Blogger Cheeky Monkey said...

Wow, wat moet dat geweldig zijn, om zoiets te horen! Maar je hebt het ook verdient, en dat maakt het extra mooi, dat je weet dat je de belofte ook meer dan waard kan maken! Go you! ^___^

20/7/06 22:38  
Blogger Skaizag said...

Woei! Echt goed gedaan!


21/7/06 11:10  
Blogger bart said...

you're excellent, my dear, but i never doubted that ;-)

well done :D

21/7/06 20:32  
Blogger Nez said...

Wihoe coolheid ^^

25/7/06 11:03  
Blogger Amys Dark Rose said...

CONGRATULATIONS! But you go for it and now you are rewarded, I'm very happy for you

27/7/06 13:07  

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