Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dark Ages

This week I went to Essen (Germany) with some of my friends to shop at the Dark Ages shop there for the Summer Darkness Festival. I bought some really nice 20 hole boots that normally go for over one hundred euro's, but they were only 50 euro now. I also bought a nice top which I can wear on all my black skirts. All in all, it was a great day, besides the fact that we had a maniac for a driver who (we found out later) hadn't slept at all the night before the trip...

I've decided that I'm just a nice girl who happens to like (cyber)gothic music (amongst a lot of types of other music) and going to gothic parties and festivals, but I'm not going to change my appearance or act differently because of it. I'm not a real 'goth' anyway and I'm not trying to be either. I'm just being me. So I'm going to wear whatever I like and feel comfortable in, act however I like, have fun and dance untill I can't put one foot in front of the other anymore. I'm there for the music and the atmosphere, not to impress other people with my 'gothness'...


Blogger Cheeky Monkey said...

Oh, love the shoes!
Shoppen is altijd leuk :D
En goed voor je dat je gewoon doet waar je je goed bij voelt! Dat zouden meer mensen moeten doen ^__^

13/8/06 01:46  
Blogger Nienna, Lady of Sorrows said...

Great shoes! <3!

and, I think you're absolutely right- I am so the same. I love the music, I love the atmosphere, I like the look. but I also love lots of other stuff and I wear whatever I want to wear even *gasp* white and pink :P and, I feel I fit in much better when I am myself instead of playing dress up ;) Good for you :D

14/8/06 10:00  
Blogger Amys Dark Rose said...

Nice shoes! I always wanted those as well but saw someone with exactly the same shoes but with a heel. Now I absolutely want those :) Why don't you try to come to Castlefest next year? Lots of fun and atmosphere there! Or not your cup of tea?

15/8/06 15:52  
Blogger Suus said...

Ow wat grappig ik had laatst juist nog een hele discusie over met een vriendin van mij. Waanneer je nou "Alto" of "goth" of "punker" of weet ik het wat was. En wij kwamen ook uit op het zelfde, wees gewoon lekker jezelf. Als je van die kleding of muziek houdt, lekker doen! Je hoeft toch niet zoals iedereen er bij te lopen op dat concert?

Ben het helemaal met je eens!

16/8/06 17:07  
Blogger bart said...

excellent, my dear... just keep on doing what you feel most comfortable with and you'll do fine ;-)

keep well :D

17/8/06 22:17  
Blogger sexy said...


23/4/09 15:14  

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