Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A rained out Sunday

Last Sunday we (Hidden Treasures) had half a booth at the Summermarket in Bladel. In advance we had some hope we would sell well, because about 15.000 people visit the market every year. While setting up our booth we already knew it wasn’t going to happen. We had the very first booth, directly at the entrance because that’s where the VMB is located, the store we shared our booth with. Our booth wasn’t followed by other booths, but by a huge terrace, so everybody just walked straight past us. I think only about 5 to 10% of the people actually made it to our booth. Considering the amount of people that came by our booth we did okay, but it’s really frustrating to see all those people going by without being able to get them to take a look at your booth. Next year we aren’t going to share a booth with the VMB again, so we’ll hopefully end up at a better spot where everybody HAS to pass our booth.

And if that wasn’t enough at 16.30 all hell brake lose and it started storming and raining! The market was supposed to go on until 18.00, but the rain and wind send everyone packing. Within mere seconds everything became soaked. We ourselves, the booth, the soap, all our bath products, everything! So the rest of the evening was spend drying and unpack-aging all our stuff and products. Half of our bath products can’t be sold anymore because part of it melted and a third of our soap has to be relabelled and repackaged.

Blegh! Some pictures of the booth before the rainstorm can be found here.


Blogger Juhani Zimarin said...

Crap! Dat is echt balen van de plaats en de regen :-(
Van voor de regen ziet alles er echt heel mooi uit, super verzorgd! Als ik een keer kan naar z'n markt kom ik eens kijken ^_^

3/8/06 10:50  

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