Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"A good book is the best of friends, the same to-day and for ever."

My acquisitions at last weekend’s book fair at the Beursgebouw in Eindhoven for a total of € 30,60 for 8 books. Wieeeeh, I’m very pleased! :)

- Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman [HC]
(Woehoe! The gorgeous black hardcover version! Wieeee! Too bad American Gods was only available in Dutch…)
- Pillars of Creations by Terry Goodkind [HC]
(The hardcover version for € 2,50 … That’s not normal anymore, now is it?)
- Soul of the Fire by Terry Goodkind [HC]
- The Bromeliad Trilogy by Terry Pratchett: 1. Truckers / 2. Diggers / 3. Wings
(Apparently they’ve re-released this trilogy, which I’m very happy about.)
- Barry Trotter and The Dead Horse [HC]
(Finally, I now have the amazingly silly three Barry Trotter books complete!)
- The Sellamillion [HC]
(This set is also complete; together with Bored of the Rings and the Soddit. I’m just a sucker for these kind of silly parodies.)

P.S. I’m very sorry and annoyed I haven’t been able to comment on your blogs lately, but our computer is being totally weird. Somehow, I’m not able to get to the comment-pages of Blogger. It just keeps loading and loading and loading and he can’t find the page. Sometimes I get lucky and get through, but most of the times I end up with nothing. I don’t know how to undo it, but it’s driving me crazy. I want to comment on all your blogs! Any ideas??


Blogger Nez said...

Bromeliad? Don't know those yet! :o

8/11/06 10:09  
Blogger Juhani Zimarin said...

Oeh, mooie score! :-D
Ik had in Utrecht Anansi Boys ook zien liggen, maar toen had ik hem zelf al gekocht.

8/11/06 11:24  
Blogger bart said...

don't worry... both blogger and my website host are giving me grief at the moment so i totally know the feeling (grrr...)

and as they say, a good book is a friend forever ;-)

keep well...

10/11/06 23:04  
Blogger Nienna, Lady of Sorrows said...

oeh, nice! <3.

don't get put off by Pillars of Creation, tho, it does suck, but the next books in the series are so much better again :)

11/11/06 11:01  
Blogger Cheeky Monkey said...

Oh, ik ben benieuwd wat je van de Bromeliad trilogie vind. Ik als ware Pratchettfan vond er namelijk niks aan *schaamt zich*
Ik heb trouwens ook een tijd gehad dat ik niet kon commenten, echt heel vaag :s

12/11/06 09:41  
Blogger Nizza said...

"The Sellamillion" :)))))
Die wil ik heel graag van je lenen.
Trouwens, kom je morgen weer Housezwijmelen?

15/11/06 21:26  
Blogger bart said...

misschien moet je kijken naar je anti-virus instellingen... die van mij hebben heel veel moeite met javascript/java toepassingen, soms wel, soms niet en soms een beetje maar niet genoeg... zucht...

17/11/06 22:15  

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